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Unlike other forms of art, china and glass need to combine their beauty with durability. The ware is often used daily and subjected to abuse and harsh chemicals. Unlike foreign decorators, East Palestine China Decorating, LLC is never far away. We're there to make sure results are achieved.


A Passion For China and Glass!

Passion has always gone hand-in-hand with great art. This includes a passion for the creation of unique ceramics and glass - a passion that requires a unique combination of skilled artisans, technically adept labor, specialized equipment and a commitment to quality.

At East Palestine China Decorating, LLC, we have the passion for creating exceptional art. We don't make or import any china or glass. Instead, we're privileged to work cooperatively with some of the best known manufacturers, importers and designers. We have the ability to do production runs of on-glaze and in glaze decals, direct application, and even hand-painting. We regularly work with lead-free colors and precious metals to achieve safe and beautiful results. Our projects are usually short-run and require fast-turnaround. Our clients come to us with projects demanding creativity and craftsmanship. We deliver.

We make sure that the artistic vision is achieved; a concept is created, or a tradition is continued.

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East Palestine China Decorating, LLC

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